Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - El Muro

Plot summary: Get into the base, extract El Muro and deliver him to the rebel hideout.

Take your trusty helicopter and fly to the area, park it a bit away so that there could be a chance to use it later if needed.
I approached from the west, when closer you will get teammates talking about small arms fire, Santa Blanca and Unidad are already fighting in the area. Take out the hostiles that are around the APC outside of the gates and commandeer the APC.
Drive to where El Muro is (the flight tower), and just grab him. The area is a bit chaotic so try to make this quick and be careful, use the APC as cover when needed. Once El Muro is stowed in the APC, leave the area, try to just drive straight out from the base and continue towards your helicopter. With some luck the Unidad patrol level will be lost and you can re-stow El Muro in the helicopter and fly him to the rebel base.
This is Media Luna, so make sure you do not try to fly in a straight line to the base, fly towards the big lake in the south west and from there to the base to avoid SAM sites.

Hope this helps.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - The Mole

This mission is locked up after completion of The Black Site.

Main plot of the mission is to locate the Unidad captain and follow him to the meet with the Mole, and finally to take down the Mole.

Fly to the base where the Captain is rumored to be, land outside the base and do a quick flyby with the drone to locate him, use rebel ops Spotting if you have a hard time finding him.
Fly behind the captain as he drives to the lodge in the mountains, You must be within 300 meters or the clock will start ticking down from 20 seconds. If it reaches 0 you will fail the mission.

Once at the lodge, land and sneak up to the meet and snipe the Mole.

Hope this helps : )

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - The Trail of the General

This mission is locked up after completion of The Black Site.

Main mission plot is to break into the jail inside of an Unidad base and have a little chat with one of the inmates, no need to rescue him, just get there and talk to him and the mission is completed.

My point of entry was from the south. 
  • Take a car and drive through the outer perimeter. This should not raise any kind of alarm or suspicion.
  • After clearing out the snipers in the towers overlooking the wall, get close find the part with no barbed-wire and some boxes. Se picture below:
  • Make sure you time the wall climbing with the help of your drone and well placed sync-shoots to eliminate patrols
  • Eliminate enemies on the roof of the jail before entering. Especially the mortar team. Eliminate as many as you can of the patrols that have the roof top on their route. Take your time.
  • Climb over the wall and head right towards the door in the fence towards the jail. Ignore the fact that I tried to use a vehicle to get over the wall at some other part in the video, Not going to work (at least in this version).
  • Make sure that eventual patrols on are neutralized before you push the button that opens the door in the fence.
  • Inside the building there are a number of jail cells. The lieutenant is located on the bottom floor on the northern wing of the house. See mini-map below.

  • Talk to the guy. 
  • Done
After you've talked with the guy, you complete the mission. But to leave the area in a safe way (no teleportation from an area of combat right? ; )) locate the helicopter on the roof of the jail, call in mortar on the SAM-site and take off.

Hope this was helpful. : )

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - The Black Site

The Black Site mission is about gaining access to a highly secured computer terminal inside one of the larger Unidad bases. The mission is a little bit sneaky as the mission area moves a little once you arrive at the original location. I guess you could find the entrance inside the main base but I managed to start the big alarm there and had to retreat. Luckily I looked at the map again at this point and noticed that the mission area had moved and took my chances with a smaller outpost to the north of the main base. 

Eliminate all troops at the outpost without raising the alarm and then move down the staircase to the underground base. Watch out for patrol cars in the tunnels.
The laptop is located on a balcony above the area where one heavy and two normal Unidad soldiers hang out. Just climb the stair and start the hacking attempt.
Once started, you'll have to guard the area for 2 minutes. Just stay on the balcony and take out the approaching troops.
Once completed, climb the stairs again and steal an Unidad vehicle and just drive out the main gates.

This mission unlocks the The Mole and The Trail of the General missions.

Hope this helps  : )

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - Sandoval's Remains

A lot of flying in the beginning of this video, to jump straight into the action you can go to 4:16.

The mission is pretty much straight forward, go to the outpost and locate Sandoval's Remains and call back home with the location.
I don't know if the remains are always at the same location but I found them in a cargo container close to the main gate.

Hope this helps someone out there : )

Monday, June 19, 2017

First Impressions - Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

We bought a new game yesterday. Found it in the used section of gamestop and googled a little on the phone. The impression I got was that it was some kind of Diablo clone and we both loved Diablo 3 on the Xbox 360. Said and done, we bought it.

Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition is NOT Diablo. Not even close! Had I known that the battle was turn based I would have left it in the store... Luckily I didn't.

Character creation

We spent a total of 15 minutes here the first time. Mostly because of a phone call, but also thanks to all the available options. .

Start of the game

The game starts and we are lost! What do we do now? Going through the controls and trying to figure out stuff. After some wandering we encounter our first enemy and it turns out that the game is turn based! What?
We both feel a little lost in with the combat system, when the encounter is over one of our hand controls dies and we restart the game a couple of times before we fingure out how to start split screen again, Evidently its the '' button. Bad design is that the characters are moved around to the player that has a working controller, and before we find the menu where to assign characters to players again a lot of time passes.

After that we find the entrance to the 'Tutorial Dungeon'.

Moving through the dungeon things start to make sense and the controls are hammered into our fingers. A lot of the game mechanics are described in a neat and time compact way. So there, a little bit of new gear and experience, but most of all a playable game.

First impressions

Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition is not a Diablo clone, more like an arcade version of Baldurs Gate. The coming few weeks will kind of give the ultimate review in the form 'if we play it again'.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - El Yayo

OK, this is a longer mission with 2 distinct parts where the first part centers around grabbing El Yayo from his house arrest and the second part is about doing him a favor to get him talking.

Part 1
  1. Locate the house and land in the fields outside.
  2. Take out the two patrols on the back side of the house, don't take too long between them as they will alert the rest of the gang that will execute El Yayo. I.e. remain hidden.
  3. Drone locate the remaining forces, use spotting if you have it.
  4. There should be 4 more outside, just time it correctly and you can take out the one on the balcony and the two in the yard. The one guarding the door into the house can be sniped.
  5. Take out the guy on the bottom floor of the house
  6. Grab El Yayo and escort him to the helicopter and fly to the safe house

Part 2

Here you have to rescue El Yayos family from a village with a lot of cartel members. I kind of failed and had to do a full on assault with the help of the rebels. Take them out, find the jail cell where the targets are held and escort them to the helicopter and fly back to the hideout.

Hope this helps somone : )