Thursday, June 14, 2018

theHunter Call of the Wild - The first steps

Yep so I did it.. I bought a hunting game....
So, why this one? Just because I saw my brother in law playing it a while ago, no other reason.
Why now? Because I sit at home with nothing to do due to sick-leave... I figured that a hunting game would at least bring some hours of joy!

So, first impressions....

Character creation

Nothing fancy here. Can select gender and some stiff predefined character models. Would have liked a little bit more, but its a hunting game.. So I guess the focus wasn't on characters...
Hope they allow me to buy other clothes in the game as the olive green non-camo clothes that were default don't really fit my style.

First mission: The first steps

So the first mission is to track down an animal, shoot it and collect the remains.
The tracks are directly on the beaten path. I ventured out into the wild and had to backtrack when Doc told me he had sent me the coordinates. Just investigate the tracks and follow the direction and when you see the animal, try to shoot it in the lung/heart region.


I've played 3 tutorial missions so far, found the look-out point and the first cabin and hunted some white-tail.
The game seems large, and each hunt seems to take a little while so I guess I'll be spending some hours in this beautiful game.

Far Cry 5 - Hours of Darkness - Colonel Loc

Ah, this one was a bit tricky.
I started with calling in airstrikes as I thought that the Colonel was in the open, turns out he was in a house.. No clue how my binoculars picked him up. (window?)..
When he starts fleeing, just run to the bunker down the slope and enter that way instead and take him out when he arrives. Just be on your watch as there are some more enemies there and its quite close quarters.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Far Cry 5 - Liberate Dutch's Island

Dutch's Island is the first real playable area after the cinematic and heavily scripted intro sequence (I think this is officially part of the game intro as well..)

At first you wake up in Dutch's bunker, be sure to customize your character to your liking (remember that you decided on gender earlier already)

Talk to Dutch and he will open up his gun safe for you to get a handgun (1911) and some ammo. Also recommended to pick up a shovel or a pipe club before leaving the bunker.
There are some more things to listen to and read in the bunker but I am unsure if they are really needed if you do not want to.

Once outside, you will be briefed in how to build resistance in the area.
4 ways to build resistance in Far Cry 5
There are 4 ways to do this.

  • Rescue civilians
    • This one is self explanatory. Just find civilians, remove the cultist threat to them and Liberate them. They will thank you.
  • Destroy cult properties.
    • There are 2 shrines on the island, luckily the cultist built in gas tubes into the structures so that they can light them up during the night. Makes them easier to destroy for you. Just shoot at the canisters and take cover. Be vary as both shrines are guarded by 3 cultists.
  • Complete missions.
    • We will go through the missions on the island in a moment
  • Liberate cult outposts
    • There is a cult outpost at the center of the island that needs liberation. Basically you need to neutralize all cultists in the area and you get the outpost for yourself and your resistance friends

Liberate first shrine

To the west of Dutch's bunker lies the first cult shrine. It is guarded by 3 people so use your binoculars to tag them. That way you can keep track of them easier.
Sneak up close as you only have a handgun. Wait for the right moment and just pop them in sequence.

Lookout tower

Directly to the south of the shrine is a lookout tower. To the south of the tower, 2 cultists have taken a civilian. He seems like someone that can be liberated.

Preppers stash

To the south west lies a boat house and a bunker. Read the note on the small pump house next to the bunker to start the side quest Sunken Funds
Enter the boat house by swimming into it from the lake. Start the generator and get the key next to the door before you leave.
Go back to the preppers bunker and start the pump at the small hut.
Open the bunker and use a pipe to smash the wooden wall in there to enter the innermost room. Pick up all the money that lies around and get the composite bow if you are into archery.


To the south of the boathouse lies the cult outpost of the island. 
Start by scouting the area from all angles. Mark all the enemies with your binoculars and find the best moment to attack. I went in with the bow as it is silent and the bad guys had trouble locating me directly.

Once they area is secure the outpost will be in your control and you can liberate the guy they were beating behind the main house.

Second shrine

Is located to the west of the outpost. Also guarded by 3 people. 
If you are quick you can neutralize the first 2 without the third noticing as he is further away from the first pair. Same drill as the first shrine. Just destroy it and loot the cultists

Gun for hire

From the shrine, use your binoculars to mark the 2 cultists beating your kidnapped friend to be on the other side of the water (left of the boat house)
Swim over to their side, neutralize the 2 cultists and talk to your new friend to HIRE him.
Dutch will radio in and tell you to secure the Silver Lake Conservation Forest Research Station, evidently it has been overrun with cultists.
Head on north, try to spot the cultists with the binoculars and be sure of your shooting as there is a bunch of them. I failed miserably by not hitting anything with my bow. Had to change back to the 1911 and rely on the gun for hire guy.
Enter the house and release the civilian in there.

The Radio Tower

To reach the radio tower, just follow the road south and west from the outpost. The tower was unguarded as I played this mission. Just climb to the top and reset the tower.
I sure hope that Dutch holds his word that this is the only tower, as I had a flashback to Far Cry 3 where there were too many of them. : )

Congratulations, you have now completed the first area and liberated Dutch's island from the cult.

Exploring, hunting and fishing at Dutch's Island

Before you continue your adventure and leave the island, be sure to check out all the stuff that can be done after the liberation.
Just to the east of the radio tower is a Reaping Truck that can be opened by a lever on the side, there will be ammunition, bullet proof west, nitro, baseball bat and a note that can be read. The area around the trailer is also where deer use to hang out, ready to be caught. Nice extra money income selling the skins to local vendors.

In the south, to the east of the research station, you can rescue a civilian from a cultist to get information about an potential ally called Merle Briggs who has been cornered at a nearby trailer park. Be sure to keep an eye out for the fanatics from Faiths lands that may make it to the island. They are nasty creatures and that may take some force to neutralize.

In the lookout tower, if you talk with the people you will get information that there is an master angler Skylar Kohrs who might need help with catching some special fish.

Also on the east coast of the island, there is a vendor. Most fishermen and hunters in the wild will be able to act as vendors and this is the first one. Here you can sell stuff and buy upgrades.
Be sure to buy a fishing pole when you are there. A lot of fish in the water that can be caught and sold to vendors.