Monday, November 12, 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Intro - Outlaws from the West

The introduction mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. Here's a quick walkthrough.

Mission starts with you following Dutch into the snow blaze.

Horse buttons (Xbox One)

  • Ride faster, pump A
  • Ride slower, press RB
  • Ride same speed as other person, hold A
  • Jump up on your horse, press Y
  • Jump off your horse (and hitch it if possible), press Y
  • Hit your horse, for whatever reason you'd want that you crazy person, press B

Meet up with Micah and follow him to the homestead in the snow storm.

Hitch your horse where the others hitched theirs by pressing Y

Press L to crouch walk, and go to the shed and press RB to take cover
Lean forward (L forward) to get a better view of what is going on. Note the people exiting the building from the backdoor

Select your gun by holding LB and selecting the revolver in the wheel and then releasing LB.

Aim with your gun by holding LT

Engage in the shootout by RT, be sure you have a good aim before doing so.

Take down all the hostile persons. I think you could press R to get into Dead Eye mode, (bullet time). Not sure if it is available in this mission as I did not use it. But if available, then it should make the fight a little easier.

Loot the people outside after the firefight.
Enter the house and press X to loot stuff inside the house.

When done with looting, exit the house and go to the stables.

Fist fight technique is:
  • Hold X to block
  • Press B to punch
Just beat the guy until he speaks and then decide if you want to let him live or kill him to 

Approach the horse, press X to calm her.

Once calm, press Y to lead the horse outside.

Get back to the main house, watch the narrative and the gang getting back to the temporary headquarters.

Mission completed.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2: Things I wish I knew when I started out

So I bought this game and I've been playing it for hours now. It's awesome, but there are things that had me wondering a bit when I started out. Being a huge game, it has a lot of details that take time to learn.
I play this on the Xbox One, hence the button references are to the Xbox One controller. Button references will be within parenthesis.

Horses and Stagecoaches

  • Don't press (B) near your horse, turns out that you will throw a punch at the horse and lose some bonding points. Not a good thing.
  • (Y) will allow for safe jump on your horse or jump up to the drivers position on the stagecoach. Took me forever to figure the stagecoach thing out in the middle of a mission, ended up shooting my gun instead and waking up the whole house. Thus failing the Hosea stagecoach stealing mission.


  • Get the right caliber weapon for whatever you are hunting. I.e. .22 caliber for small animals. If you don't then the quality of pelts harvested will go down.
  • Only shoot once, figure out where the animal goes down on one shot. If you shoot more then once, then the quality of pelts and furs go down as well. Still haven't managed a pristine, ***, three star, pelt of any kind.
  • Always check (L+R) when going hunting and continuously while on a hunt to get wind direction. Always have the wind in your face while hunting, or at least away from the direction that you are going.
  • Deer and bucks, aim for the hear or neck to get a one shot kill.
  • You don't have to lift off the animal carcass that you want to sell from your horse if you want to sell it. Just have your horse close by and approach a vendor. Saves a lot of time once you figure this out.
  • Use the bow for hunting deer, that was you don't damage the pelts. Using a rifle will most likely take away one star

Money making

  • Do the missions. Any other means to money is useless in this game.
  • Collect the gold bar from the burned out village south-west from the Horseshoe overlook camp and sell it to a fence
  • Loot all enemies! Sell all looted valuables to a fence

Ok. Hope this helps someone out there! Good luck, have fun!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

theHunter Call of the Wild - Vualez #6

More Coyote hunting. This time we will:
  • Harvest 2 coyotes with a .357 magnum revolver
I continued in the same region as Vualez #5, to the north of the Cheelah Hiking Village. North of the outpost there.

First thing first, be sure to buy and equip a .357 magnum revolver, a sight for it and ammo.
Also, as we have completed the Vualez #5, we already have the Jackrabbit Predator Caller. It will come in use this time as well.

I headed north-west towards the hunting stand and found tracks from Coyotes there. Followed up into the hills and found a large group of Coyotes there. Took aim and shoot a few of them, thinking damn this was easy.
After harvesting the first one that was a clear hit (the other shots were more chancing) I started to follow the footprints and blood on the ground from the second coyote and spent about an hour following a trail that went back towards itself and just was too complicated to follow through. Really frustrating.

Next day I went on a tour to other regions on the map trying to find Coyotes, no luck at all. Only a few deer.

Back at the outpost in Cheelah Hunting Village, I went back to the hunting stand and was called out by a coyote almost immediately. It got spooked as the wind was directly towards it but at least I got a trail to follow.
Using the Jackrabbit Predator Caller and following the trail crouched I finally got called at again and then I could crawl to a rock and get better perspective of the area and spot the Coyote and take a shot.
After running to it and harvesting it the mission was completed. 4 hours real time.

Tip: be sure to be closer then 50 meters to the target before taking the shot, its a revolver mission, not a rifle one : )

Hope this helps someone out there!